My visit to Alaina’s Coffee + Kitchen in West Greenwich

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Mocha Latte with Oatmilk for the win!

A day in the life of a real estate agent… Today was a great day, hanging with the coolest clients, and hunting for their perfect homes. All that driving and house shopping gives you a rumbly in your tumbly (where all my Pooh fans at?!) and I NEEDED a boost.
I was headed south through Coventry, and you know there were those chains everywhere, but I was in search of GOOD coffee! Thanks to my social media addiction, I knew there was an Alaina’s nearby. They are located on Rt 3, just south of the Coventry line, in West Greenwich.
It was my first visit & I was SO happy to see they were open until 4pm.
Walking in, you know immediately this isn’t your average coffee shop. After all, it IS called Alaina’s Coffee + Kitchen – WG. I am a big fan of Alaina’s Restaurant & Alaina’s Coffee + Kitchen – Richmond, so I was expecting some great things, and wasn’t disappointed.

The shop, a converted Bess Eaton from my high school days, is freakin’ adorable. It looks like it’s right out of downtown Portland Oregon. A refreshing change from “the norm.”
Cases of baked goods and the smell of GOOD coffee was everything. And then there’s the sandwich menu. Wowza. Great grub is Alaina’s specialty and the options did not disappoint.

The Italian on sourdough was my selection and it was delicious!
I can’t wait to try the others!

Check this place out if you’re ever on 95 and need some sustenance. They are open Every. Day. Alaina’s Coffee + Kitchen – WG is just off exit 6. This Realtor is grateful for them and I highly recommend you visit! Please support our local small businesses!

Alaina’s Coffee + Kitchen – WG
74 Nooseneck Hill Rd (Rt 3)
W. Greenwich, RI
Check them out on FB or order online

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